While it may seem difficult, saving money during a pandemic is possible with the right mindset. In fact, one should try extra hard to save what they can during difficult economic times. No one knows whether things will start looking up or get worse. The grand experiment of 2020 showed that the average amount saved is $3,500, which could mean financial ruin in the case of losing employment or medical bills.

Contrary to popular belief, you can be unconventional in order to save money during a pandemic, meaning you do not have to follow all the experts’ rules. Beyond that…

Spiritual wellbeing is often pushed to the back of everyone’s minds in this hectic world. More emphasis is focused on the physical and mental wellbeing of any one person. While those are important to maintaining one’s own health, spiritual wellbeing should be right up there with them. When spiritual health is focused on, it can bring with it feelings of inner peace, a life’s purpose, and a more optimistic world view. The following are the best three things anyone can do right now to start their spiritual wellness journey and elevate their life.


A bit of self-reflection and soul…

If you’re trying to build a better financial future and have more cash on hand for life’s expenses, you may want to get some ideas from the experts on how to do it. Many experts who’ve achieved financial freedom are regular hard-working people who have been where you’ve been. They’ve dealt with financial hardship, debt, struggling to save money for retirement, and other things. But what they’ve learned can help you avoid common mistakes and be more financially successful, and here are a few podcasts that are worth listening to.

The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey is by far the…

Leaders have always brought in experts in various fields to help with different projects. However, a newer aspect of this strategy is that they are now bringing in organizational leaders and C-Suite executives to help part-time. Doing so provides solutions to the issues created by the shift in the business model over the last ten years.

Who are Fractional Leaders?

There is an increasing need for specific experts for a brief duration in organizations, leading to a shift in dynamic to get leaders with particular talents without being constrained by full-time employment. Fractional leaders use their expertise to help businesses…

Many successful companies making millions of dollars started small and expanded to what they are today. Studies have shown that small and medium enterprises support many nations’ economies, including the United States of America’s super economy. For a startup or any business to excel, funding is a critical step that enables the enterprise to acquire assets and pay its liabilities and grow. Highly regulated industries, such as the medical field, have a unique set of challenges that affect entrepreneurs seeking their enterprises’ funding. …

Valuable Tips for Building and Maintaining a Professional Network

One of the most imperative things people can do in order to advance their career is building a network. The truth of the matter is that building a network is necessary for learning about a future employer, getting advice about a project, and finding prospective candidates, just to mention a few. And although building a network might seem like a difficult task, it is actually not so complicated and is, in fact, only the first step. The next step is learning how to expand and maintain the network. …

Strong teams accelerate growth and profitability. There are six things companies can do to build resilient teams.

Host team-building activities

Team members may not be able to befriend each other if the company does not have an open office plan. Employers can encourage employees to eat lunch together. Put together a physical space where people can meet up and chat. Companies can also host events such as parties and networking sessions. Friendships and connections naturally form over time when people start talking to each other.

Ensure easy communication

Make sure employees are talking to each other in the office. This…

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the healthcare sphere technologically. Thus, providers and patients can expect a tech-oriented system in 2021. Healthcare delivery will be streamlined and efficient, as well. Here are new innovative tools that will make waves in the medical realm.

Cleaning Techs and Hospital Layout

For sanitary purposes, there are cleaning technologies that will take the course. Autonomous robots will enforce hygiene, thanks to ultra-violet lights that kill germs. What’s more, RFID tech will keep tabs on how long and often employees take time to wash their hands.

The hospital design will change to convertible spaces. People can…

Supervisors need to set goals for their employees because workers who know what they should be getting done are more likely to be productive. Employee goals should be the right blend of ambitious and realistic and encourage engagement. These are some tips for effective employee goal-setting in the workplace.

Make sure that all the employees know how their roles benefit the company.

When employees understand how their jobs help the company’s success, they will put in more effort and be more attentive. Employees who feel like they are stuck doing busywork will have less motivation because they will feel unimportant. …

An Interview with Thomas Looby

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Thomas Looby: My Team and I were able to get our company listed on NASDAQ and were asked to ring the closing bell. In itself, this wasn’t a big accomplishment. But it represents for me a milestone that signified how far we had come in such a short time. Just a couple of years prior, our company hadn’t achieved an FDA clearance and our novel technology wasn’t yet trusted by hospitals. Through great teamwork, we righted the ship and started a path to growth. I asked our Board of Directors, Founders, and local…

Thomas Looby

Thomas Looby is Partner and CEO-in-Residence at Concinnity, LLC. For more, be sure to visit ThomasLooby.co and follow him online for the latest updates!

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