Strong teams accelerate growth and profitability. There are six things companies can do to build resilient teams.

Host team-building activities

Team members may not be able to befriend each other if the company does not have an open office plan. Employers can encourage employees to eat lunch together. Put together…

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the healthcare sphere technologically. Thus, providers and patients can expect a tech-oriented system in 2021. Healthcare delivery will be streamlined and efficient, as well. Here are new innovative tools that will make waves in the medical realm.

Cleaning Techs and Hospital Layout

For sanitary purposes…

An Interview with Thomas Looby

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Thomas Looby: My Team and I were able to get our company listed on NASDAQ and were asked to ring the closing bell. In itself, this wasn’t a big accomplishment. But it represents for me a milestone that signified how far we had…

Thomas Looby

Thomas Looby is Partner and CEO-in-Residence at Concinnity, LLC. For more, be sure to visit and follow him online for the latest updates!

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