Building and Maintaining a Professional Network

Valuable Tips for Building and Maintaining a Professional Network

One of the most imperative things people can do in order to advance their career is building a network. The truth of the matter is that building a network is necessary for learning about a future employer, getting advice about a project, and finding prospective candidates, just to mention a few. And although building a network might seem like a difficult task, it is actually not so complicated and is, in fact, only the first step. The next step is learning how to expand and maintain the network. On that premise, the following article presents valuable tips to build and maintain a professional network.

Building a professional network

A professional network can be composed of almost anyone an individual meets as long as he or she has a decent character. That being said, each contact can usually lead to new valuable ones, so choosing whom to include in the network is certainly important. Examples of people that should be part of a network include current and former coworkers, fellow members of professional organizations, family and friends, former instructors and professors as well as former classmates.

Maintaining a professional network

  1. Reaching out on social media

Individuals should certainly use resources like Facebook and LinkedIn to get their name in front of old and new contacts in a way that is not obtrusive. For instance, leaving a comment on a contact’s social media post can be a great way for individuals to put themselves on the radar and eventually get noticed.

  1. Planning small get-togethers

Setting up small gatherings for a few people who already know each other can be a great way to maintain the professional network. Indeed, small get-togethers for a handful of people will not only save them the time and energy, but also the discomfort of sitting with only one contact who they haven’t seen in a while.

  1. Regular check-ins

Another great way for maintaining a professional network is by taking the initiative to send a closer contact a check-in email or message every couple of months. The main goal of these regular check-ins is to get the individual’s name on the contact’s screen in a very friendly way.

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