Easy Ways to Improve Your Spirituality Wellness | Thomas Looby

Spiritual wellbeing is often pushed to the back of everyone’s minds in this hectic world. More emphasis is focused on the physical and mental wellbeing of any one person. While those are important to maintaining one’s own health, spiritual wellbeing should be right up there with them. When spiritual health is focused on, it can bring with it feelings of inner peace, a life’s purpose, and a more optimistic world view. The following are the best three things anyone can do right now to start their spiritual wellness journey and elevate their life.


A bit of self-reflection and soul searching are essential parts of a spiritual wellness journey. This can typically be done by journaling. Getting all those thoughts and feelings out on paper and then really examining them. There are also question prompts that can help with this. Some examples include What is my purpose in life? What, in my life, do I need to release? What values do I hold, and do the decisions I make reflect these values?


Meditation is integral to improving spiritual health. It is the most simple exercise that anyone can do. All it takes is a few minutes out of the day, just to sit and be still in the moment. It has also been shown in studies to reduce stress and anxiety, both of which can put a damper on the spiritual journey. The idea of living in the present is not to ruminate on past mistakes or injustices nor forecast hypothetical future scenarios.

Raise Your Vibration

Your vibration is the energy any one person gives off to others and the universe. When someone vibrates at a higher level, they feel happier, more positive, and more content with life. Raising the vibrational energy is pretty simple. Be positive and reframe your thinking to see the side of things out of anyone’s control when events happen. Be grateful by showing gratitude for the good things that happen in life. These can either be jotted down in your journal or planner or spoken aloud on the drive to work. You can also pay it forward, getting good vibes seeing others happy.

Finding meaning and purpose in life is the bare bones of spiritual wellness. Once these meanings are found, priorities can be rearranged in order to accommodate a more purposeful way of thinking and acting to best reflect on these meanings. This will lead to a more fulfilling and peaceful life.

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