Tips for Building Strong Teams

Strong teams accelerate growth and profitability. There are six things companies can do to build resilient teams.

Host team-building activities

Team members may not be able to befriend each other if the company does not have an open office plan. Employers can encourage employees to eat lunch together. Put together a physical space where people can meet up and chat. Companies can also host events such as parties and networking sessions. Friendships and connections naturally form over time when people start talking to each other.

Ensure easy communication

Make sure employees are talking to each other in the office. This is important when deadlines or priorities suddenly change. Effective communication enables the company to deliver high-quality customer service.

Define expectations

Business owners need to think about the characteristics of a strong team. For example, they might want employees to exceed sales quotas, brainstorm new ideas, or keep email inboxes under control. Employers need to write these expectations down so that workers can remind themselves every day. Employees try their best to meet expectations if they know what they are. Workers can start looking for other opportunities if they cannot accomplish these goals.

Hire with diversity in mind

Companies with a diverse workforce are more likely to succeed. Team members can offer unique perspectives at meetings if they come from a variety of backgrounds. They can point out things their co-workers might have overlooked. This strengthens the brainstorming process.

Get rid of bad team members

Some team members may not get along with others. Personality and work style are two possible reasons. Awkward confrontations can also affect team dynamics. Strong groups consist of people who complement each other. People who do not add value to the team will negatively affect productivity and morale. Employers need to let these people go before overall performance declines any further.

Use positive reinforcement

Team members who exceed sales quotas should get additional compensation. Companies can also throw parties to celebrate accomplishments and milestones. Recognize outstanding employees every month by handing out gift cards and other perks. Positive reinforcement enhances the work culture.

By implementing these six tips, companies will be able to build teams strong enough to overcome obstacles and exceed expectations.

Originally published on Thomas Looby’s website.

Thomas Looby is Partner and CEO-in-Residence at Concinnity, LLC. For more, be sure to visit and follow him online for the latest updates!